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Hi, I am Natasha Broderick, owner, creator and vision behind Namaste Zen Den. I started off creating my products as a way to create Zen in my own life. I am someone who has struggled with mental health for many years of my life and had trouble finding ways of coping with my feelings.

 Namaste Zen Dens' goal is to create natural Zen in everyday life while being cautious towards the needs of our mind, body, soul, and "home" Earth. Namaste Zen Den is determined to live a better life while creating a better world as a whole.

I strongly believe that the power of what this world naturally offers us is enough to heal us all. I have started Namaste Zen Den for all of you to join me on my journey to happiness and health.

My products are 100% handmade by me. I began making these products for my own self-help journey and began to realize there were a lot of people also interested in my concept. I use the healing powers of crystals that have naturally formed all over the world to increase my intuition and set intentions that will better me in specific ways. For info on Crystal, Intention Setting Click here! I also have educated myself on the healing effects essential oils can produce through Aromatherapy and have come to learn that only the use of 100% pure essential oils is truly considered "aromatherapy"  which is why that is all I use! For info on Aromatherapy Click here

My products are 100% natural, handmade, vegan, aromatherapy products made to create Zen in your life. I am so excited to grow with you!

Namaste -Natasha

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